The NAWSK Network

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NAWSK ( Neo-Ancient Wisdom & Supernatural Knowledge ) was founded March 1st, 2000 by Anthony Roberts, known online as Shadow Phoenix. Since that time we have explore the realms of human consciousness and delved into matters pertaining to the paranormal, spirituality, extraterrestrials, scientific aspects, and the just plain strange. We believe acceptance of knowing there's more to the world than the mainstream believes is a key part in the expansion of the collective consciousness.

We are a group of loosely connected like-minded individuals created and directed towards unity between our fellow man and discovery of our own inner strengths as human beings through both the physical and the not-so-physical world.  We invite everyone interested in these topics or in joining NAWSK itself to join us in the forum and/or chat room to discuss such subjects. We hope to see much from you in the coming days, weeks, months, and years!

2013 NAWSK Council

The council of NAWSK are a vital part of the decision making process. Each year, on the anniversary of NAWSK, we hold elections to decide who will be the coming year's Vice President and Sentinel. From there, three officers are selected by the President, VP, and Sentinel. We know this is a very unconventional system but it has served NAWSK well over the years. Listed below are the members of the current council. For privacy purposes, we will only be listing each seat holder by their Paltalk usernames.

Shadow Phoenix

Vice President
Marius FL

Jenna Clear


Scribe (Honorary Seat)
Tali Knight